Eco-sustainability, together with attention to safeguarding the health of the consumer, are topics that are very important to us: we adopt innovative and "light" production systems, production materials tested for subcutaneous use, harmless hypoallergenic dyes and free of volatile substances; we minimize the use of unnecessary parts for the finished eyewear.

In particular:

  • With the printing technique we have adopted (powder sintering) we only use the strictly necessary material and 98% of the excess is reused for subsequent prints. Consider that In the traditional acetate production technique, 80% of the excess material represents a scrap.
  • We print our frames in Italy and not in distant but economically advantageous places: delivery distances are therefore reduced to minimum possible with great savings of CO2 produced during transport.
  • To avoid unnecessary waste, we deliver our frames, where not essential, without presentation lenses and mounting templates.
  • The quantities of printed frames are exactly those required: we thus avoid creating warehouse stocks which, if they remained unsold, would soon become waste.
  • Our frames are tested for long life cycles: their replacement will therefore be postponed over time, allowing more eco-sustainable behavior.
  • Our cases are made of virgin wool felt (90%) dyed with certified non-toxic procedures (Oeko-Tex Standard 100) and the packaging is made with recycled cardboard sheets showing all the information on the use of the product.